Exploration license XV-021883 Baga Berkh was issued on 16th of August, 2021. The area is situated in Khashaat soum in Arkhangai aimag and in Gurvanbulag soum in Bulgan aimag. The license is located ca 300 km west from Ulaanbaatar, 25 km northerly from Khashaat soum and 20 south from the paved road to Tsetserleg.

Area of the license is 2973,37 ha.

Geological maps at scale 1:200,000 from 1974-1975 and at scale 1:50,000 from 2006-2009 are available in Geofond (Geological archive of Mongolia).

Sediments of dejection cones are wide spread in southern third of the area. Mountainous parts are formed by the Carboniferous sandstone and siltstone of the Kholboi Tolgoi and the Devonian Tsuugel formations.

Three mineralized points with iron and also three gold indices were detected inside license during the mapping at a scale 1:50,000 between years 2006-2009.