Exploration licence XV-021337 Undur Denj was issued on June, 20, 2019 for three years and could be three times extended for a total of 12 year.

The licence is situated in Buregkhangai soum in Bulgan Aymag on the left bank of the Tuul river in the region of Zaamar gold placers.

Area of the licence is 1573.59 ha.

Geologically, the licence lies in the southwestern part of the Kharaa terrane formed by slightly metamorphosed volcano-sedimentary rocks of the Lower Palaeozic age. These rocks were intruded by the Triassic granites in the north and covered by Cretaceous conglomerates in the east.

Geological maps at a scale of 1:200,000 with regional heavy mineral prospection from the sixties to nineties of the last century are only available.

Recently, reconnaissance sampling and basic geological transects were performed at 2019 by the Altan Shar Tal LLC. Massive geophysical survey was done by Geo-Oron LLC at 2020.

Altogehter, 409 meters in 12 RC boreholes were drilled to gravels in the Central valley (5 boreholes) and Tuul river terraces (7 boreholes) in the southern part of licence in August 2021.